Rinko ( Vocal & Rhythm Guitar )
Yuzuru ( Guitar )
Paro ( Drums )

Produced by THE MOLICE & Robby Takac
Recorded at GCR Audio, Buffalo, NY
Mixed by Brad Lauchert
Mastered by Justin Rose @ Franklin Park North Mastering
Recording Engineer : Brad Lauchert, Justin Rose, Tony Iannone, Nathan Winter

Art Direction & Design by Rinko
Photo by Lance Claypool
Additional Musicians : Robby Takac ( Bass M-1 ), Tony Iannone ( Bass M-4, M-6 )

Label Coordination : Miyoko Hayakawa
Tour Manager : Lance Claypool
GCR Audio : Jay Zubricky, Bryon Frederick
A&R Japan : Tom Melesky

All songs & Lyrics Written by Rinko
Arranged by THE MOLICE

Special Thanks : Paula Bogdan, Toni Reinhard, Okita guitar studio, Joe Koessler, Kyoko Koessler, Hana,
Jack, Kunimichi Koretsune, Hajime Miki, Namika Suzuki, Hitomi Kanto, All our Fans, Family and Friends!

The Molice hammered out their own sound while playing in Tokyo’s numerous rock venues and on tour in North America, Europe and Asia. This East/West hybrid sound has a wide appeal by being both catchy and edgy, incorporating rock n’ roll, classical, dance, shoegaze, alternative, and post-hardcore elements.