Ginette Claudette

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Ginette Claudette - Power

Ginette Claudette – Power

Hailing from Uptown New York City, Ginette Claudette is a singer/ songwriter with a unique voice and a story to tell. Born into music, Ginette was given the same name as her mother, a latin pop star with a successful career in the Dominican Republic. At the tender age of 3, Ginette discovered she not […]

Ginette Claudette – Anything For You

For 19-year-old Ginette Claudette relying on fond memories like singing with her older sister in the hospital before she passed away or performing at the Apollo Theater, fulfilling the dream of her father, who is also gone, help to keep her balanced. “Music is completely my outlet,” she says. “It’s what’s kept me sane.” After […]

Ginette Claudette – Tainted Emotions

Here’s a debut single off of independent artist Ginette Claudette’s second project. This song is the title track to her next mixtape ‘Tainted Emotions’. Written by herself along with well-known song writer and producer, August Rigo, and also partnered up with Spinz Beats, GC is taking us back to that raw, soulful R&B. Ginette Claudette […]