StarCraft 2 – Heart of The Swarm Trainer

StarCraft 2 – Heart of The Swarm Trainer – “StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm” is an expansion pack to the military science fiction real-time strategy game StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty by Blizzard Entertainment. Heart of the Swarm is the second part of a planned StarCraft II trilogy, with part three titled Legacy of the Void. The expansion includes additional units and multiplayer changes from Wings of Liberty, as well as a continuing campaign focusing on the Zerg race, following Sarah Kerrigan in her effort to regain control of the swarm and enact her revenge on the Terran Dominion’s emperor, Arcturus Mengsk.


With this trainer for the strategy game StarCraft II: Heart of The Swarm you’ll be able to make use of all these useful cheat options: add 10.000 crystals, add 10.000 vespene gas, no unit limit, unlimited credits, instant build units/upgrades, instant build buildings, instant health units/buildings, unlimited units energy, unlimited mercenaries, no mercenaries cooldown, reveal complete map, max Protoss research points, max Zerg research points, increase/decrease mission timer, and reset mission timer.
Note: This cheat tool is compatible with the version of the game “StarCraft II: Heart of The Swarm” and “Starcraft 2 – Wings of Liberty“.

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