Sonya Teclai – Detached

Sonya Teclai, the California raised African singer/rapper/songwriter, released her solo debut compilation “Veridical Paradox”. The compilation consists of hip hop, r&b, neo-soul, and trillectro sounds. She is also known for her work as the other half of the duo “OZ”

The singer/rapper/songwriter goes in and out of experiences with several relatable concepts such as love, resentment, infidelity, human contradiction, and more. The compilation includes production from the AmazNs, Matt Cody, Sa’eed, and Cap (Seeap). With the perfect balance of singing and rapping along with her ability to evoke emotion with her words…the album is truly a classic.

Sonya Teclai – Detached

Sonya Teclai – Detached Lyrics:
Sonya Teclai - Detached

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