Silver – Funkie Junkie

Silver is an Indian Hard Rock band. National winners of Yamaha Roxx 2008. Represented India in Taiwan at the Asian Beat 2008. Independence Rock XXIII winners. Opened for Greg Howe (Michael Jackson`s guitar player) @ Cafe 1730. Opened for Jayce Lewis & Blue Blood (South Wales, UK) at Hard Rock Cafe, Pune. and many many more gigs.
After announcing the release of their debut album, Pune band Silver have released a music video for their song ‘Funkie Junkie’. The video consists of five minutes of your life that you will never get back. Seriously. The music video is basically the band playing in a warehouse. The irritating bit is the random number of effects such as members cloned on screen and fake fire and things like that. It makes the video difficult to watch but that would be fine if the song were great. Unfortunately, it isn’t. Let’s talk about the song. The song has been a Silver set-regular, and when the band performed at Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai with Pentagram in 2009, our review said: Silver were all over the place with the pretty pedestrian ’70s-’80s hard rock that they play. The songs feature much AC/DC-ish construction, and only show a semblance of promise on the track ‘Funky Junky’. This promise might be non-existent as far as the song is concerned, as of now. The song is overproduced and bloated with long solos that are holding it upright. The lyrics are immensely reminiscent to cock-rock songs about how getting high is awesome, but the problem here is that they are incredibly confused. The vocalist at one point is “tired of the constitution and making contributions” and then is looking to get high so he can “kill the pain”, which is why it is such a confused song. The song in itself is so bad, that the video cannot actually make it look better, and the overconfident – “we’ve spent money on this video and have incorporated a ton of effects into it”- style of production and editing makes it even more unbearable. Silver have been around for almost five years now and even won I-Rock in 2008. Even though it’s justified to not expect incredibly brilliant or mind-blowing videography from the band, it could have been a better video if it were less excessive, and in some way less indicative of the fact that the band has hardly put any thought into the creation of this video. Check it out. by Vishad Sharma.

Silver – Funkie Junkie (Official Music Video)

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