Shenmue 3 Trainer

Shenmue III is an action-adventure game developed by Neilo and Ys Net, published by Deep Silver on November 19, 2019 for Windows and PlayStation 4. The story continues teenage martial artist Ryo Hazuki’s quest to find his father’s killer in 1980s China. Director Yu Suzuki conceived Shenmue as a saga spanning multiple games. The first two games were developed by Sega AM2 and published by Sega for the Dreamcast in 1999 and 2001 respectively. The original Shenmue was the most expensive video game ever developed at the time, with an estimated production and marketing cost of over US$47 million, though this also covered some of Shenmue II and groundwork for future Shenmue games. Despite attracting a cult following, the games were commercial failures and Shenmue III spent over a decade in development hell. Wikipedia┬«.

Shenmue 3 Trainer
Shenmue 3 Trainer

The brainchild of award-winning game director, Yu Suzuki, Shenmue is commonly known as one of the most ambitious game projects in history, which captured the imagination of players from around the world. Shenmue established the open-world format for action RPG games. An awe-inspiring world with an immersive story, featuring cinematic sequences, a realistic fighting system, and entertaining mini-games, Shenmue garnered acclaim and adoration all over the world. Shenmue III sees the eagerly anticipated continuation of the epic story-driven saga. Take control of Ryo Hazuki, a teenage martial artist, determined to unravel the mystery behind his father’s murder and to exact revenge on the killer. Explore a vibrant, colourful open world, meet intriguing characters and endeavour on a cinematic adventure which will take you further into enemy territory and deeper into the mystery of the Phoenix Mirror.

Shenmue 3 Walkthrough

Shenmue 3 Trainer (+13) Options:
Trainer for the game Shenmue 3, you can use it to activate these essential Cheat Codes: Infinite Health, Infinite Items, Obtain All Food, Obtain All Misc Items, Obtain All Herb Sets, Obtain All Capsule Sets, Obtain All Skill Books, Set Game Speed, One Hit Kill, Freeze Daytime, Daytime Increase 1 Hour, Daytime Decrease 1 Hour, Edit Money, Edit Tokens. Note: This cheat tool is for the original version v1.02.1 of the game Shenmue 3.

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