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Shadow Warrior is a first-person shooter computer game developed by Flying Wild Hog and published by Devolver Digital for release in September, 2013 through digital download over Steam and It is a reboot of the 1997 game of the same name developed by 3D Realms. Shadow Warrior is a single-player first-person shooter where players take control of “Lo Wang” from a first-person perspective as he fights through levels of demonic hordes. Levels themselves are divided into chapters, each with Wang progressing through smaller stages that have side and hidden areas, occasionally allowing another route or flexibility with movement in combat. Wang is equipped with various firearms that require ammunition that can be found throughout stages. Firearms range from fictional versions of pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, and rocket launchers. These also include secondary firing modes that allow players to alternate between the rates of fire. Non-firearm weapons include crossbows and throwing shurikens, along with the fiery demon head of the original. In addition to firearms, Wang’s signature weapon is the katana that while is for use in close quarters combat, it is also very effective against enemies. Different swings and strikes can be utilized depending on different computer key and mouse movement combinations, creating unique moves of varying effectiveness depending on the enemy type. Wikipedia®.

Shadow Warrior Trainer

Shadow Warrior Trainer (+8) Options:
Trainer for the game Shadow Warrior, you can use it to activate these essential Cheat Codes: Infinite Health, Infinite Stamina, Add Money, Add KI Crystals, Add Karma/Power Points, Infinite Ammo, Set Demon Hearts. Note: This cheat tool is for the original version v1.5.0 (Steam Special Edition) of the game Shadow Warrior 2013.

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