Olympic Ayres – Magic

Olympic Ayres – Magic. Olympic Ayres are the exact opposite, graciously swooping in and saving your day with a premiere of their new EP, Episode III. The Sydney-based pop duo swirl dance beats and crystalline vocals for a chill, kaleidoscopic head trip on “Magic”, change up the tempo and gently layer dulcet harmonies with an electronic undercurrent on “Orchid”, and get super playful with their vocals on the habit-forming third track, “Girl”. Exploring curiosity, heartache and desire, Episode III is cleverly concocted and often augmented with world music percussion and textures for a vibrant energy. So, hit the lights and the play button to get in on the premiere party right here, right now.

Olympic Ayres – Magic (Official Video)

Here’s a free must-have song for your next summer barbecue – chill indie electro-pop from Olympic Ayres, a duo from Sydney, Australia. ”Magic” has a retro beat and smooth vocals that remind me a lot of Chromeo, making it a great addition to your kollection. All of the band’s previous releases are free as well off of their bandcamp, and check out their soundcloud stream for some really cool and unique remixes of their songs.

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