Nightwalk – The Abyss Album · 2018

Nightwalk – The Abyss Album · 2018

Nightwalk is a completely independent band that, as of now, has only one member who writes, records, produces, performs, and mixes everything. All of the music you hear is original, with heavy inspiration from bands

such as Muse, Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Royal Blood, and more.

Nightwalk features an eclectic mix of genres from Rock to Pop to Electronic to Jazz – and sometimes even Hip Hop. Sonically, the music is theatrical and energetic.

The significance of the name “Nightwalk” pertains to walking at night to think about things that are troubling. It’s about facing problems head on, asking tough questions, and ensuring honest intellectual engagement.

Nightwalk is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and plans to expand it’s audience. For any booking requests, please fill out the form above.