Nefertitti Avani – 1 for the Bottles

Nefertitti Avani is a songwriter with an eccentric voice from Cleveland, Ohio. Since the age of one, Avani was developing her ear for music. Nefertitti says, “My dad would take me in the attic and press keys, telling me to sing back what he played. Eventually I never missed a note.” Nefertitti began participating in school music programs as soon as she started kindergarten. “My favorite thing about school was music. I loved hearing different chords and began to pay attention to how sounds could manipulate emotion.” At age nine, Nefertitti Avani started to write song lyrics for her school singing group. Diving into her multiple talents, Avani also discovered that she enjoyed writing and arranging more than anything else. ” I would look at peoples faces after the group did a three part harmony I strategically put together, to see if it made them feel the magic I felt. And thats when I discovered what I like to call melody manipulation.” Nefertitti had an effortless intelligence and became a published author at 14 years old, then received national recognition for her advanced poetry. She met a boy shortly after that, “He showed me everything I needed to know about a program called Fruity Loops, then I started producing. I began composing and there was something so blissful about making my own music. My soul writes, my pen follows. Its always been that way.” “Being in tune with myself and nature allows me to express this creative freedom. I can do whatever I want and not worry about fitting into a box.” Nefertitti has worked with a lot of talent noted musicians and singers in her city, and is working her way to being one of the biggest sought out artists/songwriters/composers of her time. In 2013 Nefertitti Avani won the Cleveland Ohio Music Awards “Best Female r&b Vocalist”.

Nefertitti Avani – 1 for the Bottles /Feel Surreal (Official Music Video)

Nefertitti Avani – 1 for the Bottles Lyrics:
Nefertitti Avani - 1 for the Bottles

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