Moodblanc – Faith

Moodblanc is all about the good things in life. Love, leisure and laziness. The feeling you have inside after a day on the beach and the nightlife yet to be explored. We wouldn’t mind hearing our music, sitting on the sun terrace at the Hotel de Paris. We wouldn’t mind being the one who takes your mind off things. moodblanc – for your listening pleasure. Kenneth and Magnus hooked up for the first time in July, 2013. Before the actual meeting took place they had secretly been admiring each others work on Sound Cloud. Kenneth took the first step by asking if it was ok to remix one of Magnus’s songs. The remix made them both realize that they should write songs together instead of listening to each others songs. What happened that day in July might be heard On the radio. My thoughts were so alone, now they’ve found a home. I think of you. There you are walking through the room like Audrey. White linen tablecloths, black dress and a scent of Caron Poivre. Le café de Paris stops breathing for a while until you find a table. These are the exact words I write down in my diary. This is when I stop describing and start living. I realize that you are looking straight at me. Smiling and everything. I look back. Wishing I was forward. I lower my eyes and when they find the courage once more, the ember moment is gone. You order a double espresso and I am thinking about what to say to you. Neil Strauss has the openers but I´m a Frank Capra kind of guy. Our first dialog has to be exquisite in every possible way. Now you are looking my way again and I can tell from your smile that you read my mind. Cliches echo in my head as I stand. “I don’t even know your name, can I call you mine?” I push that red chair back in and push my self to take those first steps towards you.

Moodblanc – Faith

As beautiful as the human desire for eternal love. My heart is full, your cup is empty. Heads turning, eyes yearning as you move towards the door. Panic suddenly becomes the flavor of the month and in an attempt to open the door for you, I almost knock you over. “Oh, I am so sorry.” “Oh that’s an unusual name. If you are So Sorry then I am Happy Go-Lucky.” Now I know this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. We both step outside, you smile and point to a red scooter that is parked a cross the street. “Do you have any plans Mr. Sorry? That red scooter can take you to the Plage Pampelonne in no time.” “No plans and no reason to be Sorry anymore. My real name is Erik.” “Enchanté, Erik. My name is Faith.” We shake hands and there is a moment of silence… I love silence… Silence is golden if you share it with someone. You start the engine and when I put my arms around you, I feel life embrace me. La Plage Pampelonne is wonderful and the rest of the day is filled to overflow with feelings that cannot be described in words. No need to know why you decide to be my everything. All that I know, is that I got to have Faith.

Moodblanc - Faith

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