Mistover Trainer

The unexpected appearance of the Vortex, Pillar of Despair, unleashed dreadful creatures that brutally raided the world. Defenseless and vulnerable, mankind was soon on the verge of extinction. When all hope was lost, a miracle happened and the creatures suddenly vanished. Desperate to prevent the next invasion, the survivors created a group called the ‘Corps’ that journeys into the Vortex from whence the creatures emerged. You will lead the Corps to reveal the secrets behind the incidents. Will the human race succeed in changing the course of their destiny?

Mistover Trainer
Mistover Trainer

Mistover is the newest game from the Krafton Game Union. The gameplay has a unique dark art style that has gained a lot of attention over the last few months as teasers f the game have been slowly released. The game focuses on strategy and choice-driven dungeon dives. Every decision changes the future of the game, and it is up to your ‘Corps’ to explore the regions inside the Pilar of Despair. You will have to navigate through forests, lakes, mountains, cities, cathedrals, castles, and many other locations. This is a different kind of game then normally developed by Krafton, but many expect the same level of depth from it.

Mistover Walkthrough

Mistover Trainer (+20) Options:
Trainer for the game Mistover, you can use it to activate these essential Cheat Codes: Infinite HP, Infinite MP, Max Fullness, Max Luminosity, Infinite Items, Shop Items Won’t Decrease, Ignore Keys/Force Open Chests, Infinite Bag Inventory Space, Infinite Storage Space, Super Damage/One Hit Kill, Reset Doomsday Clock, Reveal Full Map, Stealth Mode, Edit Gold, Infinite Exp, Infinite SP, Set Game Speed, Gold Multiplier, Exp Multiplier, Damage Multiplier. Note: This cheat tool is for the original version v1.0.4a of the game Mistover.

“Max Fullness” and “Max Luminosity” take effects when player moves.
“Infinite Items” takes effect when item quantity decreased, also work for storage items.
“Ignore Keys/Force Open Chest”: You can open chest even with no key, but if you do have keys, they will be used.
“Reset Doomsday Clock” and “Edit Gold” take effects when you go to different areas (e.g. shop, lab, office, etc) then go back to town area.
“Infinite Exp”, “Gold Multiplier”, “Exp Multiplier” take effects when you complete an expedition.
“Infinite SP” takes effect when you train skills in training camp.

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