Mickey Mo’Scotto – Infinity And Beyond

Infinity and Beyond” is a relaxing rap/hip-hop track from Mickey Mo’Scotto, an 18 year old artist from Asbury Park, NJ. It is meant as a tribute (as the title implies) to the artist Capital Steez. To be fair, I don’t have a whole lot of knowledge of Steez, only knowing about his material in passing, so the detail of this review will be almost exclusively looking at the sound and lyricism contained in Mickey’s track and less at how it relates to Steez himself. That said, I am always a bit torn regarding “tributes” by big name artists. One on hand, they are inspirational and no doubt influence people, sometimes in a very direct manner, like we see on display here. On the other hand, creating tributes is a way to really cash in on someone elses fame and misfortune. For a man to die then have a bunch of indie artists around the globe rap and sing about him is a little strange. But, as far as tributes go, Mickey Mo’Scotto does manage to make his feel compelling. The moodiness and relaxed atmosphere is something I really enjoyed about this track, to say the least.

Mickey Mo’Scotto – Infinity And Beyond (Capital STEEZ Tribute) EP Version

Mickey Mo’Scotto – Infinity And Beyond Lyrics:
When Everybody got the word
It was the morning of December 24th
That’s when I found out that you left through the night
And I just ask God “Why?” and I nearly start to cry

You freed the robots from mind sets
And opened third eyes of the blind kids
Though I felt it wasn’t your time yet
Steez, you wasn’t rapping no nonsense
Something that the brain could profit

But nothing could stop it, Music lives forever
I can’t lie, You were my favorite out the Era
You motivated me to rap better
Made me rap a little more clever
Less about the cheddar

But I know that you’re better, good at peace
Nothing greater than your bars over boom bap beats
And as your soul roam through Brooklyn’s streets
To let you know that we miss you Steez, R.I.P

[Interlude: Sway speaking]
First of all
I wanna say Rest In Peace to Capital STEEZ
I know his passing, you know, must hurt

This is how we chill forever until
This is how we chill forever until
This is how we chill forever un-til.
Mickey Mo'Scotto - Infinity And Beyond

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