Manny X – Trouble

Manny X is an independent R&B/Soul/Pop Producer, Singer, Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist whose sound is influenced by Usher, Robin Thicke, John Mayer and Stevie Wonder. Manny boasts a strong online fanbase, enjoying the support of fans all over the country as well as internationally. As a producer, Manny X has worked with numerous talented artists in the Providence and Boston area. In 2011, Manny released his long awaited full-length effort, Songs About H.E.R., which received positive praise and has amassed thousands of plays and downloads from fans and critics. Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, Manny X was brought to the United States at age 5, where he has spent the remainder of his adult life. Hailing now out of Providence, Rhode Island, Manny is a gem of the New England music scene, focusing on musicality and classic songwriting that speaks to fans of the R&B/Soul genre and others.

Manny X – Trouble

Trouble is the next single from Manny X’s latest project – Genesis (EP). Manny X teams up with Director, Dan Rosario and actress Jennie Garcia to bring you an exciting, new production guaranteed to make you hit replay! With the hypnotizing rhythms of Young Fyre, the sophisticated and melodic lyrics of Manny X and masterful Camera work and editing – you’re in for quite the treat!

Manny X – Trouble Lyrics:
Your lips are guns
Your smile’s a trigger
Girl your kisses are bullets
Oh that’s what makes you a killer
And all your lovers are victims
Cuz you’re blowing their minds
There’s a million other reasons why
your body’s a crime

I find you hard to trust
But you kinda remind me of
The kind of ladies that love the ones that hurt them
While they hurts the ones that they loves
Your confidence is peaking
I could tell you’re up to no good
I wanna walk away but I won’t even if I could…yeah…

Girls like you are trouble for me.
Make me wanna turn my back on all I believe
Knowing myself, Oooh I better stay away
Cuz you got what I want and I want it

You gon’ get me in trouble…
Cuz ooh I want to touch
And if you give a little then you’ve given too much
Shawty you’re trouble, trouble, trouble!
Cuz you got what I want and I want it

I love the way that walk
When you walk it this way
From that look in your eyes
To the way your hips sway
Shawty work them heals
with fire red lipstick to seal the deal.
If only looks could kill…
You deserve an Oscar
Cuz the sexy ones are drama
No matter how many times I say I won’t
I end up caught up in the same problem
And I wish I didn’t love it
But pain you cause is so good
I wanna walk away but I won’t even if could yeah…

Normally I don’t have time, cuz I gotta be on the move
Plus I ain’t thirsty like these dudes, I’m not easy to seduce
But if you keep pressing up on me I’ll end up leaving with you
And when I get you to myself you won’t believe what I’ll do.
Ride out…
Manny X - Trouble