Manicanparty – Lonely Will Find Me

Manicanparty are Jessica Corazza and Patrick Morrissey. Friends since their high school days in Minnesota, they make expressive, uplifting tribal pop, bringing together the best of classic and modern sounds, from Paul Simon to Ellie Goulding, from Peter Gabriel to Florence and the Machine. While they draw on the same aural palette as many electro-pop artists today, their classic sense of song craft, soaring vocals, and infectious tribal rhythms set them apart. “Lonely will find me” written and produced by Pat Morrissey and Jess Corazza, additional production by CJ Luzi. Mixed by Matt Boyton. Mastered by Ricardo Gutierrez.

Manicanparty – Lonely Will Find Me

Manicanparty is an alternative pop group comprised of singer/songwriter Jessica Corazza and producer Patrick Morrissey. Growing up in Minnesota they each found their own path to the arts. Pat did theater work and played in a number of indie bands, while Jess pursued songwriting and the guitar. In 2007 Patrick moved east attending the Hartt School where he studied acting. Jess hung back in Minnesota attending University of Minnesota and writing songs
Manicanparty – Lonely Will Find Me Lyrics:
Manicanparty Lonely Will Find Me Manicanparty   Lonely Will Find Me

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