Louis Baker – Birds

Prizing the intimacy and immediacy of performing solo with his guitar, Louis sings openly and honestly about his life. For a young man, he’s completely comfortable exploring the big themes – love, loss and a life unfolding – all the while keeping the energy and interaction front and centre for his audience. Alongside his live performance schedule, Louis is busying himself in the studio; working on his debut EP, preparing new material for a series of anticipated festival performances over the summer months, and collaborating on new projects. Notably, Louis is part of Vanilau, Maxwell, Baker, a ‘Crosby, Stills and Nash’ styled group with Mark Vanilau and one of Baker’s heroes, Warren Maxwell, who personally invited him to join the group. “My music is love, soul, beauty, peace, meaning.” – Louis Baker

Louis Baker – Birds

Louis Baker – Birds Lyrics:
Time stood still
And you were there
I caught your eye for a second
Then you disappeared

You must’ve flown away
With the other beautiful birds
To another place
I would like to fly there too
Can you show me the way

On a sunny day
You were the crystal
That was by my window
That reflected many rays
But the body bends before the shadow

So I put on my armor
Buckle it tighter than ever before
Fear I may lose it all
I’ll put this on to soften the fall

Show me the way
Show me the way to your heart

What is lost
May not be forgotten
What has been found before
Can be found again

After the rain
I will fall down at your door
A heart can be mended
What is gold can be given

Show me the way
Show me the way to your heart.
Louis Baker - Birds

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