Linying – Sticky Leaves

Like a river as it flows eternally, quiet yet strong, gently pooling at the banks as it cuts through stone. “Sticky Leaves” is the enduring new single from Singapore’s Linying, solemn and soaring as it runs straight to your heart.

Prefacing her initiation into both local and international music scenes, Singaporean singer-songwriter Linying released her first two singles, “Sticky Leaves”, followed by “Alpine” in 2016, gathering masses of digital plays worldwide while charting globally and in the US, UK, and Singapore on Spotify’s Viral 50.

While international collaborations with producers Felix Jaehn and Lost Frequencies had previously seen Linying’s ethereal vocals featured on deep house imprints like Armada and Spinnin’ Records, the Spotlight on 2016 Featured Artist is now breaking into the indie-alternative consciousness with her brand of moving lyricism and vivid music production in songs that reveal a stark emotional perspective through elements of indie-folk, electronica, lo-fi and alt-rock.

is there another world you know, and do you burn
if you can tell me how it goes, i will learn
i’m keeping a rigour on the snow, to wait and see
i’m seeing it quiver from below, below the leaves

for every wreck i still believe in the greatest life and the stickiest leaves
you say it in a foreign tongue, you don’t know a thing about the things i’ve done to keep on loving that heavenly face

time is the only thing i know, the middle of your mixed up six words, nothing more
my love is proud, my love is small
my love is a friday pouring and a black wave cresting and crashing down the living room shore i’ve known it before, love
sacred ground, i made a sound, did i make it right
enough, go along, i know i was wrong about my might