Leon Bridges – Lisa Sawyer

Leon Bridges is an American gospel and soul singer from Fort Worth, Texas. He is best known for his song Coming Home which received regular airplay and was also a Top 10 Most Viral Track on Spotify. Bridges began his career by writing songs and learned guitar in order to play simple chords to accompany his lyrics. He played locally at open mic nights in the Fort Worth area while working as a dishwasher until being signed by Columbia Records in 2014. It was his song Lisa Sawyer, a soul song he wrote about his mother’s baptism in a river, that became his music style.[4] Bridges began writing and performing 1950s and 60s style soul music that was described by Austin 360 as “a transmission straight from the heart.” He began to attract followers and his break in the music industry is attributed to a run in he had at a bar with White Denim guitarist Austin Jenkins. The duo discussed clothing at the bar and a few weeks later Jenkins and bandmate Joshua Block ran into Bridges during a performance in north Texas. It was the performance of his original song Coming Home that caught the attention of Block and Jenkins. Wikipedia®

Leon Bridges - Lisa Sawyer

Bridges’ began his first national tour in January 2014, playing shows in Texas as well as playing support for Sharon Van Etten in New York. His first official single, Coming Home was released on Columbia Records in February 2015. The song continued its success of the demo version and became a Top 10 Most Viral Track on Spotify the same month as its release.[3] Bridges toured with Jenkins and Block prior to them resuming work with White Denim. He also played at the Sundance Film Festival and is scheduled to play at SXSW in 2015. His debut album is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2015 and has been referred to as a 2015 Album to Look Forward to From Texans by The New York Times.

Leon Bridges – Lisa Sawyer

Leon Bridges is a name you absolutely need to know. He’s followed up his massively successful tune, “Coming Home,” with the the third single, “Lisa Sawyer,” off of his upcoming LP with Columbia Records. His old school sound is comparable to the legendary soul icons Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye, and the Texas native channels them proudly with his story telling method of songwriting and emotional structure of his music. “Lisa Sawyer” finds Leon balancing doo-wop backing vocals with serene sax lines that push the tune along as a wonderfully moving song that honors his mother in an endearing fashion. Leon has found a dynamite and refreshing calm within his sound, and his album can’t come soon enough.

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