Kelly Price – It’s My Time

Those are the words Kelly Price chooses to describe herself, her talent. When you listen, closely, to her songs, it’s evident that she writes and sings from her soul. It’s a place she’s come to know quite well. “Music saved my life,” she says. “Writing has been like therapy; it’s the most incredible gift.” At this juncture, Kelly Price has learned to loosen the reins on her creativity. Sure, she still reaches for a pen-and-pad and rattles off lyrics into her Dictaphone, but she’s also learning to be more patient, allowing the songs to reveal themselves. Sometimes, the words will come. Other times, she’ll hear the song as a fully-orchestrated composition. Either way, the results of her efforts are illustrated beautifully, truthfully, on her new album entitled, simply, Kelly. Leading the album out of the gate is the spirited single, “Tired.” Produced by Shep Crawford and inspired by a creative heart-to-heart she shared with fellow musician and past collaborator, R. Kelly, the song sheds light on the social ills that not only cause her distress, but also seem to be plaguing our world community. Even before she starts running down the list of things that consume her thoughts – from guilty feelings and broken dreams to baby mommas and ghetto dramas – you’ll know where she’s heading from the opening verse…”there’s a hole in my heart, my soul is bleeding I need to free my mind, and say what I’m feeling, ‘cause Lord knows…I’m tired.”

Kelly Price – It’s My Time

There’s no denying that music is where Kelly Price’s heart resides, always. With the release of Kelly, one might wonder what she hopes to accomplish this go ‘round. “When I was growing up, I’d put on a record and let it play until the needle lifted,” she remembers, fondly. “My goal for this project was to create a contemporary R&B album that you can listen to without skipping a single song, whether you’re cleaning the house or driving up the coast. Hopefully, I got it right…I think I did.”

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Kelly Price - It's My Time

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