Ginger & Drum – Games

Ginger & Drum – Games


Introducing Sydney-based indie/electro-pop duo known as GINGER & DRUM which is comprised of accomplished singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist Zoey Gault and the acrobat across many genres Andy Rawson, Together these two create great soundscapes of slow steady beats and layers of echoed keys that will haunt you in the best possible way. As ethereal as ever, Gault’s voice is amazing and although sweet and sincere, the beautiful darkness of Rawson’s percussion allows Gault’s vocals to weave through the melodies and take hold of you as they serve as the driving force behind Ginger & Drum’s allure. Their latest single “Games” which offers a complex listening experience of haunting lyrics and singing that is part hopeful yet part melancholy, further establishes this duo as more than just an upcoming act. Their sound has developed quite nicely over the past few years and I can’t wait to hear what else they have in store. Check out their latest single “Games” below:

Ginger & Drum play music. Music that is enjoyable to listen to. Big music. Big Sound. Since receiving airplay with their first demo ‘Blow’ in 2011, the pair has been tirelessly creating.
Armed with their first single ‘Cowboy’ off their debut EP (release date Sep 14th 2013), it’s not hard to see why this band is continuously turning heads…
The Drum half of the band, Andy Rawson, describes Ginger & Drum’s first official release Cowboy as a “Comment on humankind’s insecurity and need to prove it’s worth, ultimately resulting in weakness and potential harm to others.”

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