Eda Wolf – Slow Speed

Eda Wolf is a collaboration between singer Dea Juris and producer FLWRS (Emiliano Flowerman). What started as a one-off song turned into many as the duo refined their sound in their Brooklyn home studio. Their debut EP, Slow Speed, shows off their unique brand of Electronic R&B, layering emotion-soaked soaring vocals over heavy drums and sparkling synths.

Eda Wolf - Slow Speed

Eda Wolf – Slow Speed

Debut EP from Brooklyn-based duo Eda Wolf.
Vocals & Lyrics: Dea Juris
Production: Emiliano Flowerman

Trumpet on track 2: Linton Smith
Bass on tracks 3 & 4: Alex Pyle
Mixing: Emiliano Flowerman & Gerard Marcus
Mastering: Conrad Magabo
Photos by Steven Stauffer, Cover by Lorenzo Fanton

Eda Wolf – Slow Speed Lyrics:
Eda Wolf - Slow Speed