Doraemon Story Of Seasons Trainer

Doraemon Story of Seasons is a farming simulation role-playing video game for Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows which is a crossover of the Story of Seasons series of video games and the Doraemon franchise. The game is developed by Brownies and Marvelous and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The title’s release marks the first release of a Doraemon video game to the western audience. After planting a mysterious seed found by Nobita, Doraemon and friends are transported to another world, into a place called Shizen Town. During the process, Doraemon lost most of his secret gadgets that will help them to return. In the end, they decided to stay in Shizen Town while trying to find a way to get back to their original world. Lunch, a Shizen Town resident, lends Nobita a farm in town for him to stay. Wikipedia®.

Doraemon Story Of Seasons Trainer
Doraemon Story Of Seasons Trainer

Doraemon meets Story of Seasons in this new, fresh take on farming! Japan’s adored Doraemon franchise comes to Steam in Story of Seasons, a beloved farming simulation series lasting over 20 years. The setting is Natura, and at the center of this land is the mystical Big Tree. Doraemon and friends will each take on a role to help out around town! The theme of this experience is creating bonds with the town residents, and while doing so, enjoying the heart-warming interactions through each character and the part they play in the story. But building a farm and raising horses and cattle like in other Story of Seasons games isn’t the only thing to do. Explore the town of Natura, go on adventures, catch bugs and much much more! Fans of the Doraemon series will also be happy to know that Doraemon’s gadgets can be used to assist you in your new, everyday life! Enjoy the nostalgia of Doraemon and Story of Seasons while helping Noby live his farm life in this unique, lovable land!

Doraemon Story Of Seasons Walkthrough

Doraemon Story Of Seasons Trainer (+18) Options:
Trainer for the game Doraemon Story Of Seasons, you can use it to activate these essential Cheat Codes: Edit Money, Infinite Stamina, Infinite Waterin g Can Usage, Freeze Daytime, Infinite Items, Max Item Quality, Max NPC Friendship, Max Animal Affection, No Animal Stress, Crops Instant Grow, One Hit Destroy (Tree/Stone), Set Player Speed, Set Game Speed, Minimum Livestock Pregnancy Time, Minimum Egg Hatch Time, Animals Grow Up In One Day, Wool Grow Back In One Day, Auto Watering Crops. Note: This cheat tool is for the original version v1.0 of the game Doraemon Story Of Seasons.

“Edit Money”, “Infinite Items”, “Max Item Quality” take effects when you open your backpack.
“Max NPC Friendship” takes effect when friendship changes. (e.g. talk to NPC the first time of the day, give presents, etc)
“Max Animal Affection” takes effect when animal affection changes.
“Crops Instant Grow”: After watering crops, they will instantly be ready to harvest.
“Minimum Livestock Pregnancy Time” and “Minimum Egg Hatch Time”: While activated, leave and re-enter the barn/coop will instantly trigger birth/hatch events. Note: you need to place a chicken on top of the egg in order to hatch eggs.
“Auto Watering Crops”: Enter the farm from a different area (including your house, barn, coop) will instantly water all crops.

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