Dems – Toca’s Miracle

London-based electro-pop trio Dems have released a video for their amazing cover of the 90’s dance hit “Tocas´s Miracle” by Fragma. Watch the video below, and download the track for free right here. Still a good track. Now a better one. Now a perfect sound to make a soul recover from a taugh day. How amazing memories can be tricky even when they were left in the 00′s.

Dems – Toca’s Miracle (Official Video)

Originally written by Rob Davis, Victor Imbres for Coco Star at MCA studios, London. It is officially titled and published as “I Need A Miracle”.

Dems – Toca’s Miracle Lyrics:
And you’re hearin’ what I say
I feel your touch
Your kiss, it’s not enough
And if you believe in me
Don’t think my love’s not for real
I won’t take nothin’ less then a deeper love
Let me tell you
You, no I,
I need a miracle
I need a miracle
Its more physical than
What I need to feel from you
[Repeat Chorus]
Tell me that you understand
And you’ll take me as I am
You’ll always be the one to give me everything
Just when I thought no one cared
You’re the answer to my prayer
You lift my spirits high
Come on and rescue me.

Dems Tocas Miracle Dems   Tocas Miracle

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