Deers – Trippy Gum

From our very first introduction to the spunky Spanish duo Deers, it was apparent these girls from Madrid had a fun-loving spirit about them. To start, their music is—by choice—very unpolished, a rough and spontaneous sound full of playful choruses and messy overlapping vocals that somehow works perfectly for the two of them. The duo dropped their very first video back in June for “Bamboo“, and today they share the visuals for their track “Trippy Gum.” The video works to reflect the song’s title, as the camera follows Ana Garcia Perrote and Carlotta Cosials gobbling down pizza, goofing off in front of the camera, and making out with mannequins as their images flutter in and out of focus.

Deers – Trippy Gum

Madrid based duo Deers just dropped a fresh shortened version of their track “Trippy Gum”, check it out above.

Deers – Trippy Gum Lyrics:
deers - Trippy Gum

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