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Citadels is a real time strategy game, that tells the saga of King Arthur new and from two different points of view. Early Britannia. King Arthur is ruling over the land. He is a great and wise ruler. His subjects treat him with respect and the Knights of the Round Table remain steadfastly at his side. Arthur’s archenemies have joined forces with the Saxons and the Northerners and recruited a huge army. With it, they are now attacking Camelot. Arthur cannot stand at the sidelines and watch everything being destroyed, that he has built from the scratch. So he makes one last and desperate attempt to prevent the inevitable. To make the attack a success, Arthur has to make the maximal sacrifice. Despite Arthur’s effort only an uncertain stalemate between the two rivaling parties can be accomplished, an elusive period of rest. The final battle is lying in remote future. But how did it come to that at all? Travel to a fantastic past and experience a new version of the saga of King Arthur. Witness the most important events in the story of the legendary king, until his selfless attempt to save his kingdom and accompany his loyal abiders on their way into an uncertain future. Can you restore the honor, the glory and the reign of Camelot?


Citadels is a real time strategy game, that tells the saga of King Arthur new and from two different points of view. Choose the side of King Arthur or the side of his enemies and let a thrilling story guide you through varied missions, that show the most important events in the life of the legendary king. Recruit legendary characters, that will grant you important advantages in the course of the game and develop the right strategy for their assignment. Experience a fantastic medieval feeling and travel to early Britannia with all its knights and castles.

Citadels Trainer (+14) Options:
This trainer has been coded by CJB and released for the real time strategy game Citadels. Players can use it while playing to receive a lot of useful cheats: infinite wheat, infinite wood, infinite stone, infinite iron ore, infinite stone blocks, infinite planks, infinite bread, infinite weapons, infinite gold, infinite population, infinite unit production, instant build, infinite health, one hit kill. Note: This cheat tool is for the 1.0 (build 3567) version of the game Citadels.

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