Cardboard Kids – Honey

The rock outfit, Cardboard Kids, come from Tyler, Texas, a town tucked away in the dense forest of eastern Texas. Growing up as friends in a scene similar to “the scene that celebrates itself”, they played in teenage bands together, often switching out members of each other’s bands and lending talents in order to make better music with no consequence in mind except to make great music and further that idea as an example to neighboring music scenes in the bigger, saturated cities nearby. In 2013, the three members came together to create Cardboard Kids, in hopes to create a new sound with the influences of soul and rock. Singer and guitarist, Jake Germany, brings a sense of confident swagger with his infectious melodies while guitarist, Austin Cunningham, couples his raw southern guitar tone along side. The bold drumming of Brandon McFarlin contributes to keeps the energy thumping throughout each song. Collectively, the band draws their influences from their upbringing in 90′s rock and roll as well as their love for gritty 60′s blues tunes.

Cardboard Kids - Honey

With a DIY attitude and a close relationship with their rapidly developing fan base, they constantly strive to entertain and work hard in order to deliver a product that properly reflects their tight-knit friendship within the band as well as with their fans. The Kids’ debut independent release, “Demons on the Ropes”, is but a sneak peek into what is to come from the band in the near future. The three track EP is a perfect blend of catchy hooks, vintage rock tone, and edgy, straightforward honesty. The opening track, “Oh, Child”, is a refreshing rock and roll tune that awakens memories of a time when bands actually played guitar and relied more on passion and connection than tweets and stats. The single is an infectious and raw frenzy, mirrored with a steady pulse that pounds as an anthem for a new brand of Rock & Soul.

Cardboard Kids – Honey

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