Birch – Cell Phone

Birch is the musical project of Michelle Birsky with bandmate Mat Towles. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Birch creates music that lends a sparkling magic to today’s pop scene. Birch blends all the best parts of electronica, pop, hip-hop beats, singer/songwriter, and ambient rock into a perfect lush soundscape: sleek, unique, and contemporary.

Last year Birch’s debut EP, Halfway had the internet buzzing with her atmospheric, movie-like anthems, creating a world of swirling singles that fit in easily on the soundtrack to generation now. Michelle’s juxtaposition of life and song is precisely what makes her songs resonate with today’s audience.

In her upcoming sophomore effort, Not Human, Birch introduces a more forward thinking sound, blending an arrangement of vocal looping and synthesizer grooves to create a unique brand of pop that speaks about the current political landscape. The underlying dichotomies of Birch’s message encompass past vs. present, nature vs. metropolis, acoustic vs. electronic, as well as themes of growing up in a digital age and what it’s like to be an artist in today’s climate. The album is about bringing to light the simple truth that all humans are created equal.

The songs themselves are a combination of narrative and political storytelling, that unite the audience in thoughtful, introspective ways, on our lives today. Each track is rooted in a unique activism with electronic elements that blend into Birch’s moody, whimsical sound. The whole album so exuberantly wonderful, you will want to hear her out.

Not Human will be released in May, 2017. Check out the first single from the EP “Pick Sides” on Spotify.