Bernhoft – Patience Revisited

“As I was writing for Islander a lot of the lyrics had references to boats and water and bridges,” says Bernhoft. “It’s almost like I was saying, ‘Hey, come on board, I’m gonna take you for a ride, and hopefully for the next hour you can forget about your troubles.’ That’s the kind of album I most wanted to make; one where the songs are in good spirits, and maybe they can help give you a new sense of hope.”

Bernhoft - Patience Revisited

Islander finds Bernhoft exploring that disconnect by expanding his known for groove-laced soul elements with frenetic tension captured through deeper and richer sonic textures that he recorded in an “old school manner.” He and Butler snubbed in-studio perfectionism for a looser approach and decided not to use the modern tools and technology to create the songs. The singer’s guitar riffs, piano chords, and lyrics embrace both the heartbreaking raw emotion of reality and soulful positivity. Escapist yet challenging, Islander emerges as an album that dares to reimagine what’s possible in pop music.

Bernhoft – Patience Revisited

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