Cassie Marin – S.O.S. EP · 2018

Cassie Marin – S.O.S. EP · 2018
“S.O.S.” is expected to release on January 12, 2018.
It is an R&B/Pop album that features a unique set of glittering, nostalgic sounds that add another piece to the complex world of Cassie Marin.
It is unlike anything out there, yet it posseses a familiarity that grabs our attention and takes us on a journey of deep reflection and growth.
You can dance, you can laugh, you can cry and you can smile with “S.O.S.”. It is your best friend,
it is Cassie Marin at her rawest.

Cassie Marin has shown us once again that there is no excuse for not for not putting all of oneself into their craft in order to inspire and elevate listeners.
In an industry surging in competition, Marin‘s work has remained captivating, raw and intriguing, offering us a world of her own creation with her music, her self-produced music videos and visuals. In doing this, she

has established a deep connection with her fans, who express infinite support and gratitude for what Marin does and who she is.

Her debut, self-produced album, “Plastique Days”, moved her fans at a time when they thought her singles “Slowly” and “Goosebumps” were the full spectrum of sound that she had to offer.

We were all wrong.
Marin keeps growing and expanding her repertoire of talents with an insatiable hunger that comes from a true passion and love not only for music, but the arts as a whole.

After “Plastique Days”, we anxiously await for her new album “S.O.S.” (“Spoonful of Sugar”), and if there is anything to learn from the past, we are bracing ourselves for an incredibly impactful surprise.

Marin’s fans want to yet again connect with her; a connection that no other artist can emulate.
She is a pure soul with a transporting voice, a best friend for her listeners, and a truly daring artist that is not afraid to dig deep into the corners of human emotion and writing about them in the most intimate ways.