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Hazy Sour Cherry: Tour De Tokyo

Hazy Sour Cherry‘ whose debut album ‘Tour De Tokyo’ we will release digitally worldwide on Nov 22. We will look at a Vinyl version next year. They are fans of Say Sue Me, BMX Bandits Young Fresh Fellows Go-Kart Mozart Raspberries Firestarter (JP) Hazy Sour Cherry: Tour De Tokyo Hazy Sour Cherry – “Tour De Tokyo” by Damnably Formed in 2018 with Tsuzumi (OCHA8ME) and Jun (HATEMAN, Gorillaor? ). Later, Karin (The Highmarts)...Read More »

Emergency Tiara: Unsophisticated Circus

Emergency Tiara is the New York based artist you need to get to know. Fronted by Juri, the lead singer, queen, curator and ringleader extraordinaire to the Emergency Tiara kingdom. In Juri’s kingdom, everyone can feel like royalty in an instant – through her unique and intriguing pop sounds, ranging from sultry soul to rampaging swing anthems – taking in everything from French noir to J-Pop in between. Juri was born...Read More »

Sarah Connor: Vincent (Live in Hamburg / 2019)

Sarah Connor (born Sarah Marianne Corina Lewe; June 13, 1980) is a German singer, songwriter, and dancer. Raised in Delmenhorst, she became part of a church choir at the age of six. Connor rose to prominence after she signed with X-Cell Records in 2000 and released her debut album Green Eyed Soul (2001) the following year. She followed it with a series of successful albums, including Unbelievable (2002), Key to...Read More »

Calista Kazuko: Benzo Belle

Roll up, roll up – the circus has come to town and invite you into their weird and wonderful world! Calista plays ringmistress to tell the story of our heroine, ‘Benzo Belle‘ and the circus her life has become. Depreciated in a loveless marriage, a monotonous carousel existence, delusional and exhausted, self-medicating to numb the pain. Will she escape this Stepford Wife life prison and live out her fantasies to...Read More »

Kioko: Let's Be Frank

Fresh off their 36 date UK and European tour with reggae giants UB40, Birmingham-based group KIOKO hit the ground running with the release of their new single “Let’s Be Frank”. Focusing on candid, heartfelt lyricism and heavyweight rhythms, the single captures the impeccable live sound of the reggae collective, encompassing the energy from their high octane performances. “Let’s Be Frank” is bristling with fresh reggae rhythms, captivating horns and buoyant...Read More »

Grrrl Gang: Dream Grrrl

Everyone has been forming their band with people they go to school with since time immemorial, and Angeeta Sentana, Edo Alventa and Akbar Rumandung are no exceptions. The trio are based in Yogyakarta, where their school is located. Grrrl Gang is an indie pop/rock project that brings to mind the likes of Talulah Gosh, Veronica Falls, Alvvays, etc. Their double-single “Bathroom/Thrills” have drawn a lot of attention, cementing them as...Read More »

Say Sue Me: Your Book / Good People

Say Sue Me: Your Book / Good People Your Book / Good People by Say Sue Me releases October 4, 2019 Latest single from Busan’s Say Sue Me Recorded mixed by Hakju Chun at Mushroom Recording in Seoul Mastered by Matthew Barnhart at Chicago Mastering Service. Artwork by Haekang Lee Say Sue Me are a surf-inspired indie rock quartet from Busan, South Korea. ...Read More »

North America: Leave Us To Fate

East London quintet North America release new single ‘Leave Us To Fate’. A rolling ballad encompassed in ethereal guitar work, the song is a bittersweet reflection on love’s subjugation to fate. Frontman P.F. Phillip says, “Leave Us To Fate is a bittersweet goodbye to a love now lost, a reminiscence of a romance that inevitably could not be.” Torn apart by separation, the protagonist encourages himself and his former...Read More »

Kwaku Asante: Molasses

North-West London’s Kwaku Asante releases the sticky-sweet number ‘molasses’, ahead of his debut six-track project ‘honeycomb’. Opening with funk-filled guitar rhythms and rippling melodies, the artist’s vocals are richly decadent, oozing into every crack and fissure of the tracks’ surface. A storyteller at heart, Kwaku draws inspiration from neo-soul, R&B and hip hop culture to curate a rich tapestry of sounds in order to vividly narrate his journey of self-discovery....Read More »

Brudini: Pale Gold

Growing up amidst the mountains and fjords of Bergen on Norway’s southwest coast, with a Norwegian father and a Thai mother, a sense of otherness, of not quite fitting in, led Brudini to travel. To Tokyo, to Paris, to New York and eventually to London and the high-stakes world of city traders. A world of huge wins and heavy losses – lucrative but not entirely fulfilling. While his daytimes were...Read More »

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