Katie Cunningham – Nobody’s Second Best


Nobody’s Second Best is the second single from Katie Cunningham’s debut EP “Let Me First Say…

Katie Cunningham is a 16-year-old singer songwriter based in Los Angeles. Her original songs are pop/R&B fusion and highlight her passion for music. Katie is a full-time student and performs with the La Canada, California Chamber Choir. “I like mastering the classical songs in Chamber because it really rounds me out as a musician, and gives me a chance to collaborate with other talented vocalists.”

For Katie, songwriting collaboration is the most exhilarating part of the music business. “For me, creating something out of thin air that didn’t exist an hour ago is amazing.” Katie loves to sit down in the writing room with an original melody and feelings in word form and collaborate with other artists who have completely different musical styles and life experiences. She says, “the magic happens when you come up with a cohesive song that can have a completely different meaning than what I brought into the room or, even better, unique meanings to each person who hears it.”

Katie has had the honor of working with such musical talents as Pia Toscano, Natalie Howard, Andrew Fromm, Steve Diamond, Natalie Howard, Terry Sawchuk, Mike Krompass and The Jam Productions.

Katie feels strongly about maintaining a “normal life” – she works hard in school but finds release in her music. Here’s how she sums up her commitment to living a life that inspires her music: “I want to live fully with my heart open, knowing that it might get broken in the process, because that is how I grow, as a songwriter and a person.”