JMSN – Love Myself

Christian Berishaj, better known by his stage name JMSN, is an Albanian American singer-songwriter and record producer from Eastpointe, Michigan. Also a multi-instrumentalist, music engineer and mixer, JMSN’s debut album Priscilla, was released in 2012. He wrote and produced the album by himself, as well as directed the music videos accompanying its release. In October 2012, JMSN, who previously produced “Nibiru” for Ab-Soul earlier in August, for what his label called “TDE Fam Appreciation Week”, announced he and the rapper would be releasing a collaborative project together. The lead single for Ab-Soul and JMSN’s collaborative album, Unit 6. The song, titled “You’re Gone”, features vocals from both artists, as well as production from JMSN. JMSN was also part of Pray . A song released on Jesus Piece by The Game which also features J Cole. Wikipedia®.

JMSN – Love Myself

JMSN – Love Myself Lyrics:
Nothing left for you, baby
Not a yes, or a maybe
Ain’t no reason to hang around here
Find somebody else

Can’t you see that I’m crazy
And I don’t want you to hate me
But, you know I can’t stick around here

See, I don’t love myself
So, how can I expect somebody else to do the things that I…
That I can’t do myself?
So, I won’t hurt nobody else anymore
JMSN - Love Myself

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