Jacko Hooper – Treasure Trove

Jacko Hooper is a singer songwriter from Brighton. Combining delicate acoustic noodlings with a soulful, emotive voice. You can buy his debut EP ‘From Home’ via the bandcamp link above which has been described as ‘a painstakingly beautiful debut’ by soundsofnowmusic. BalconyTV recently said ‘Jacko is without doubt one of the best artists we’ve had on the balcony. Clever chord structures and catchy melody’s, he’s one to watch out for in 2012’.

Jacko Hooper – Treasure Trove

Jacko Hooper – Treasure Trove Lyrics:
These four walls are bringing me down
But i’m sure you’ve heard it all before from the last boy you adored
But i’m still trying
I’m still lying through my teeth
But i don’t wish to stay amongst all this mess
A tainted love, i cannot impress
You don’t have a clue
But i long for you
I long for you

There’s a treasure trove
And it’s screaming my name
A common place, with a loving face
And that is all
And these walls will turn to fields
They’ll turn, to dreams
And i will fall
So now you know

I envy the road
That my friends, call there home
It’s been a long time
And these years have dragged me out of line
But i don’t mind
I dont cry unless i feel my insides dying
And i’m not dying

And i can’t stand it,
You’re always reading my words

So now you know
Now you know
Jacko Hooper - Treasure Trove

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