Dead Island 2 Trainer

Dead Island 2 is a unique formula of horror, dark humor and over the top zombie-slaying, spanning an epic pulp adventure. This thrilling First-Person, Action RPG takes players across a brand-new playground – a hellish vision of LA (or HELL-A, as we like to call it). Dead Island 2 is stylish, vibrant and flooded with zombie infection. Explore iconic, gore-drenched Los Angeles. Meet larger-than-life characters. Slay countless foes in exquisitely bloody detail. And evolve to become the ultimate Zombie Slayer!

Dead Island 2 Trainer
Dead Island 2 Trainer

“Some older zombies are already falling apart from rot. Hell, I saw one hit me so hard, it took its own dumbass arm off! Funniest shit I’d seen all day. But take my point! If the slow-and-steadies can get to ME, they WILL get to you. Till these walking dust-piles are dead for good, they can still swing the hit that brings you down.” – One BA Motherfucker

Dead Island 2 Walkthrough

Dead Island 2 Trainer (+13) Options:
Trainer for the game Dead Island 2, you can use it to activate these essential Cheat Codes: God Mode/Ignore Hits, Infinite Health, Infinite Stamina, Infinite Weapon Durability, Stealth Mode, Set Player Speed, Set Movement Speed, Set Game Speed, Super Stamina Damage, Stamina Damage Multiplier, One Hit Kills, Damage Multiplier, Defense Multiplier. Note: This cheat tool is for the original version v1.0 of the game Dead Island 2.

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