Zimmer – Heartbreak Reputation feat. Polina

With his tropical twist on house and disco, Zimmer is taking 2015 by storm. The Parisian producer calls upon both the ‘City of Love’ and California for his music, combining feel-good grooves and dreamy soundscapes. In the few years he’s been around, Zimmer’s made his name largely of blog-hit remixes (MØ, Moullinex, Moon Boots…) and fun reworks (Ella, Chic, Tina Turner…), while his religiously followed mixtape series keeps listeners in a year-round summer state of mind. His original work proves just as good, too: “Galapagos” is a euphoric slow house gateway to the islands it’s named for, while his latest single, “Sensify Me” dips into night-time. Having recently joined hot label Roche Musique, Zimmer has emerged as one of the leaders of the new French house sound along Darius, FKJ, Kartell and more.

Zimmer - Heartbreak Reputation feat. Polina

But perhaps the best way to experience the magic power of Zimmer is to see him DJ. His euphoric sets have made him a stapple in the international DJ circuit with multiple US and Asia tours, weekend club dates all over Europe and appearances in festivals like Calvi On The Rocks, Peacock Society and more.

Zimmer – Heartbreak Reputation feat. Polina

“Heartbreak Reputation is my favorite track of the EP. It was recorded in Los Angeles with Polina back in January. This song is probably deeper than my usual sound, with lots of space. It’s definitely more nostalgic, but it eventually becomes a bit more euphoric later on. I love that « it’s going to be alright after all » feeling. Hope you enjoy it.

Zimmer – Heartbreak Reputation feat. Polina Lyrics:
There’s nobody that can come and save me now
You’re still far to look down
I should have known not to surround our love
Felt it from the start
And now I see we’re flying arrows
Caught into my heart

Won’t have a good dream
I wish you could feel
Right now what I feel, inside
Won’t have a good dream
I wish you could scream
Show you how it feels inside