Yonas – Roller Coaster feat. OCD

Hailing from New York City, Yonas is one of hip-hop’s most-hyped emerging artists. Known for his incredibly unique style, the 25 year old makes it known that he is unlike anyone else in the game. Although Yonas is just breaking out, he has already built-up quite the list of accomplishments. In 2010, Yonas won a Billboard song writing award for his song “Banga”. Additionally, his hit single “Sky Kidz” was featured on MTVu as well as Fuse TV with no label or marketing assistance. Yonas had begun to resonate directly with his audience, as he released his debut album The Proven Theory in 2011 setting the foundation for something special.

YONAS – Set It Off

In the summer of 2012, about a year after his debut album, Yonas released The Transition which is now known as his breakout Mixtape. Accumulating over 100,000 downloads in just a short period of time, his independent successes captured the attention of XXL who contacted Yonas to be featured in their Magazine’s “The Break” section. Shortly thereafter, Yonas was invited on a 50 city Tour, which took him across the country and back in 60 days, and due to his electric Live Show, his fan base more than doubled in that time period. Since then Yonas has gone on to release 2 additional projects, one of which (The Black Canvas EP) reached Top 5 on the iTunes Hip Hop Charts, and Top 25 on the overall Albums Charts for the first 72 hours of its release. Yonas and his ability to empower and uplift anyone that listens to his music has developed an Artist-to-Fan connection that is undeniable. Currently working on his Sophmore album, Yonas has put himself in a position to make an incredible impact on the music world.

Yonas – Roller Coaster feat. OCD (Official Video)

Yonas – Roller Coaster feat. OCD Lyrics:
[Intro] It’s something like a roller coaster
(Feel it slow)
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Hook: YONAS]
Up and down, Up and down, this is how my life has gone
Something like a roller coaster
Up and down, Up and down, this is how my life has gone
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Moosh]
Up and down, round and round, this is what you mean to me
All the time on my mind, yeah that’s what it seem to be
Long as I fall in love
When I see your face, when I see your face
Sometimes I wonder why
How I gave you them butterflies
You don’t want them other guys
(You don’t want them other guys)
I roll up, I show you love
Hold up, you know whats up
Go up and I come back down
Something like a roller coaster
[Verse 2: Twist]
Up and down, round and round, life is like a merry go
Here we are, what’s it now
Shit, I be like there we go
Who you with, where you at, asking me like where you go
There she is, thats my girl
Shit, I be like there she go
I don’t really think I’m ballin’
God damn, but you got it
I don’t really think you heard me when I told you, that you got it
But I promise you can’t knock me down
Hell yeah we gotta stop it now
Life with you is like a roller coaster and I think its time we drop it now


[Verse 3: YONAS]
Can someone explain
The S in my name
Stands for the savior
Blessing the game
Stress on the brain
From the pressure and pain
I’m just trying not get arrested again
But wait, let me spell out the story
And get it straight
Got no time for the people that tried to hate
Gotta lawyer that nigga would beat the case
No matter what you accuse or try to allegate
Cause whats the point of watching life fly by?
Got friends that hate they job
The just wanna get sky high
And honestly it feels like yesterday
That I shared the stuff with you cause you were my girl
But life is a like a roller coaster

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