Yoel Lewis: Nepal

This time Yoel Lewis delivers the goods with the exciting Nepal. Energetic prime time production with aggressive electro infused dirty basslines, pumping driving grooves, crazy synthy lines and side chain effects that build the tension to the maximum and raise adrenaline to the peak point.

Yoel Lewis: Nepal

The breakdown is the great moment that starts with Ibiza like sunkissed melody along with old school piano until the massive synths are coming to the top and the fantastic climax is unleashed with euphoric colourful synths, beautiful epic strings and jumping grooves that will drive the clubbers out of their heads to the ultimate high until to reach the next level. Nepal is futuristic neo prog trance at its finest!

Yoel Lewis: Nepal (Radio Edit)

Building up with energetic basslines and a stunning melody, only to burst into life at the drop; that’s Nepal in a nutshell. Yoel Lewis is the duo responsible for bringing the record to the Armind imprint and we’re delighted they did. Because this tune is simply amazing!

Yoel Lewis: Nepal (Original Mix)