VRS.US: Get Your Way

Australian electronic-alternative-pop duo VRS.US has just released their debut song “Get Your Way”.


VRS.US started with Thomas Skerlj (ex-Dead Letter Circus) and Madeleine Hunt (Hunt) starting to work on music together from different sides of Australia in 2014.” Skerlj & Hunt realized that they had a chemistry with one another, continued writing music together, and now we have VRS.US. “Get Your Way” is written by Thomas Skerlj and Madeleine Hunt, produced and mixed by Skerlj, and mastered by William Bowden. The debut single, “Get Your Way,” is hard hitting in your face. Hunt’s voice soars throughout this track, while Skerlj’s production makes this track an electronic-pop gem. The chemistry from Skerlj & Hunt is undeniable, and “Get Your Way” is a perfect introduction to VRS.US. Check out Australian duo, VRS.US, debut release, “Get Your Way,” below.

Directed and produced by Clint Gough. Edited by Simon Harvey smith

VRS.US: Get Your Way

Song written by: Thomas Skerlj, Madeleine Hunt. Produced and Mixed by: Thomas Skerlj. Mastered by: William Bowden.

VRS.US: Get Your Way Lyrics: