Unbuttoned – Shy Cry

Forming in 2010, Casey MQ, Jonathan Milner, Miles Gibbons, Alexei Orechin and Kamilah Apong ventured into the depths of Casey’s basement. They made their way back out by becoming Unbuttoned, creating music that was a fresh alternative – funky sounds of R&B and Pop, supported by undertones of hip hop and electronica. Their music has challenged the tunnel vision of genre labels and highlights the beauty of crossover music. Unbuttoned spends their time crafting their album Casey’s MQ self-made Level Me Studios. Their debut EP Electric Kingdom, released independently in North America and through P-Vine Records in Japan, received attention and guidance from both Kevin Killen (Grammy award winning engineer/producer) and the late John Carter (Capital Records). “Casey’s development as a unique songwriter has been evident to me for the last six years. With his latest collaboration – the beautifully crafted “Unbuttoned – Electric Kingdom” Casey delivers a seven song EP that is magical, innovative and belies his age as a songwriter. Ones to watch”, says Killen. Unbuttoned’s movements have not gone unnoticed across the globe, receiving attention and airplay from various media outlets in Poland, Spain, and Germany, as well as CBC’s Jian Ghomeshi. Unbuttoned plans to expand even more so with their upcoming sophomore release, “planes”, available June 24th, 2014.

Unbuttoned – Shy Cry (Official Music Video)

“I wrote ‘Shy Cry’ at a time when I felt happiness was not attainable. I felt it was easier to be complacent than to be happy. My surroundings continued to prove and remind me that the ‘straight’ way was the easier way. I wrote this song as a cry for help to myself because when it came down to it, only I was in charge of my actions. Freedom was what I was constantly searching for. Freedom from myself. If it wasn’t for this song and every other song on Unbuttoned’s new album, I’m not sure when or how I would’ve gotten to the position I am today…if I knew then what I know now, decisions I have made in the past would likely be a lot different.”
-Casey MQ

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Unbuttoned - Shy Cry