Tyler Ward Feat. Alex G – Falling

Tyler Ward Feat. Alex G – Falling. Passion is what drives Tyler Ward to write, produce and perform music; however, music wasn’t always his focus. Encouraged by his father at a young age to pursue athletics, Tyler spent his time working towards scoring touchdowns and winning football games rather than chasing his musical dream. After completing high school, Tyler was accepted to the United States Air Force Academy where he started his collegiate football career. Tyler never adjusted to the military lifestyle, “I smiled too much,” he said. It was because of his excessive smiling and creative expression that Tyler found himself scrubbing toilets and cleaning floors on the weekends. Despite the intensive janitorial experience, Tyler decided to move on. He transferred to the University of Northern Colorado and once again played football. Several concussions later, he decided to leave the sport and follow his passion for writing music. Tyler’s realization of becoming a successful national artist arose when he first started playing with national acts such as The Fray, The Jonas Brothers, Gavin DeGraw, Augustana and Ryan Cabrera. “After that first big show with The Fray, I was sold on doing music for the rest of my life,” Tyler says. Playing shows for thousands of people fueled Tyler’s drive and creativity. It drove him to write and record several demos that have attracted attention throughout the major music industry. Now, you can find Tyler writing, recording and performing music all over the state of Colorado. Tyler has become a well known local artist who is heavily pursued to perform live. “I love playing and it’s by far the best job I’ve ever had.” Tyler credits his musical talents to his mother Susan Ward, who is a classically-trained musician. Tyler notes, “My mom rocks.”

Falling (Original Song) – Tyler Ward Feat. Alex G

Tyler Ward Feat. Alex G – Falling Lyrics:
And the conversation was right
underneath the shade of moonlight
you were standing there, with sun-touched hair
and a dress the color white

like an aeroplane I took flight
feel in love with you that first night
cause you danced with me
and I could see that there was more to life

I’m falling in love with you

Just before the strike of midnight
you said this could be the good life
then you said goodbye
hope that I get to see you soon

then I walked for several miles
couldn’t rid me of my smile
cause you found me and I found you
in this lovely month of June

I’m falling in love with you

Will you catch me
because lately
you’re a dream come true

Say you love me
you are lovely
do you feel it too?

I’m falling in love with you.
Tyler Ward - Falling

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