Trey Songz – Na Na

The story of Trey Songz is the classic saga of taking a dream and making the impossible possible. It is a story of determination, faith, struggle, hard work and inspiration. With each chapter, Songz has held onto the best parts of what he offered previously, while continuously raising the bar and creating original and ground-breaking, yet classic, R&B music. Songz has poured his heart and soul into each chapter, showing growth as an artist, businessman and, most importantly, a man. CHAPTER V, the fifth studio album from the Grammy-nominated international R&B superstar, is the latest chapter in this incredible story. “Musically, it’s going to be my best album – sonically, vocally, and in respect to the songwriting,” says Songz of CHAPTER V, “it is an album that will take you many places, emotionally and sensually.” CHAPTER V is the follow-up to the Petersburg, VA-bred singer’s 2010 RIAA Gold-Certified album, “Passion, Pain & Pleasure,” which featured the chart-topping, multi-platinum hits “Bottoms Up (feat. Nicki Minaj)” and “Can’t Be Friends.” Over the last two years, Songz, born Tremaine Neverson, has crafted a body of work that is a true testament to who he is, where he’s been and where he’s going. “I have seen so many different places because of my music, and being able to come back and take my time and live life while recording has been amazing.” He says, “This album is going to reflect growth, but at the same time will show exactly what it is that I’ve given to the game.”

Trey Songz – Na Na [Official Video]

Although Trey’s worldwide travels have helped him take his sound to a new level, CHAPTER V still embodies the classic “Trey Songz” sound that the world has come to know and love. “Anything I’ve given and anything you already love, you’ll have. You’ll have the records like ‘Love Faces’ and ‘Say Aah,’ but there will be new elements, as well,” he says of the variety of songs and sounds on CHAPTER V. More than ever, Songz uses CHAPTER V as a way to show his love for all genres of music from all over the globe. This is most evident on the dance-friendly track “Ladies Go Wild,” which Songz made after experiencing the international nightlife scene while traveling abroad.

Trey Songz – Na Na Lyrics:
Put your hands in the air Trigga
Put your, put your hands in the air
Ooh nana. Look what you done start it
Ooh nana. Why you gotta act so naughty
Ooh nana. I’m ’bout to spend all this cash
Ooh nana. If you keep shaking that ass

Ooh nana. Put your hands in the air if you’re fuckin’ tonight
Ooh nana. Keep your hands in the air if you’re fuckin’ the night
Ooh nana now na na na.
Everybody say it like.
Ooh nana now na na na.
Everybody say.

I’m the nigga that you like yeah
I’mma get you what you like yeah
Oh yeah
I’mma give it to you right there
Best time of your life, yeah, oh yeah
Baby when you ready tell the waitress get the check
Girl I know you ready I don’t even gotta check
You been through the worst let me show you who the best
You know I’mma get you right, get them niggas to the left, like

You the one who’s celebrate, yeah
You the one I’ve never had, yeah, oh yeah
All the problems you done have
Leave them broke niggas in the past, yeah, oh yeah
Girl you have good, but I could give you better
I’ll have you take it ’bout forever
I’mma make you say

I’m feeling lucky tonight
Everybody say
When we leave this party, you gon’ love me tonight
Everybody say
You feelin’ lucky tonight (tonight girl)
When we leave this party, you gon’ love me tonight

Hands in the air. Na na na.
Hands in the air. Na na na.
Hands in the air. Na na na.
Trey Songz - Na Na

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