THE WAiiT – Shadow

THE WAiiT – Shadow

THE WAiiT is a Taiwan neo psychedelic rock band founded by Fred (Zhong Fo Xian) and Lili (Zeng Xain Li) in 2016. The group began as a home recording project. Fred writes, records, produces the music. Lili provides insight and inspiration, artwork and makes music videos. As a touring act, the project consists of Fred (guitar, vocals), Lili (bass, vocals), Sherry (drums).

THE WAiiT – Shadow, Lyrics
Stand on the barren mountain
Imagine blooming flowers
Even if the sun is shining snow is still float down

Wind pats me on the shoulder
I feel like a stranger
Even if we forget how to smile there’s a pretence

No one can hear you screaming
Be a mummer acting

Look for shadows who knows I tell a lie
Out of control if you close your eyes

This place’s overcrowded
waves travel to the ocean
Some ride other to be strong for living

You told me don’t believe my friend
I couldn’t feel that meaning
Until Distorted voice round every corner