Ten Sharp – You

Ten Sharp – You is the name of a 1991 song recorded by the Dutch band Ten Sharp. It was released in 1991 as their debut single from the album Under the Water-Line and became a hit in many countries, including France, Norway and Sweden, where it reached number one on the charts. “You” was the band’s first single as a duo. The lyrics were written by Ton Groen, while the music was composed by Niels Hermes. French music author Elia Habib described the song as “the notes from the piano are sharply separated with a beautiful consistency and constitute the backdrop of a melody served by the power of Marcel Kapteijn’s voice”. Wikipedia®.

Ten Sharp – You

Ten Sharp – You Lyrics:
It’s all right with me.
as long as you.
are by my side.

Talk or just say nothing.
I don’t mind your looks never lie.
I was always on the run.
finding out what I was looking for.

And I was always insecure.
just until I found.

Words often don’t come easy.
I never learned.
to show you the inside of me.
I know my baby.

You were always patient.
dragging out what I try to hide.

I was always on the run.
finding out what I was looking for.
and I was always insecure.
until I found.

You, you were always on my mind.
you, you’re the one I’ve been living for.
you, you’re my everlasting fire.
you’re my always shining star.

The night’s always a good friend.
a glass of wine, and the lights are low.
you lying beside me, me full of love.
and filled with hope.

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