Tei Shi – Bassically

Tei Shi – Bassically. Raised in Vancouver and Bogotá, and based in Brooklyn, Tei Shi is an artist with a silky voice and ethereal music to match. Her sound, what she likes to call her “mermaid music,” is-intentionally-somewhat hard to categorize, and probably best described as a fusion of indie pop, electronica, and airy ’90s R&B. Entirely on-trend, yet still enticing and distinguished.

Tei Shi - Bassically

Argentinian-born NYC-based singer Valerie Teicher aka Tei Shi has returned on a whole new level. New track ‘Bassically’ is brilliant, a dark pulsing noir-pop song with stretched vocals. Teicher’s wearing a whole new outfit with the help of producer Luca Buccellati (who recently worked with Hanah) and it sounds great.

Tei Shi – “Bassically” (Official Video)

“Bassically” is the first single we’ve heard of her new tracks, and if it’s at all reflective of what we are going to see from Teicher soon, I’m damn excited. Wailing vocals, spacey synths, and a dense bassline make this tune infectious and worth a repeat listen. Progressively building upon itself until just before the end, Tei Shi proves she’s an artist with fortitude in addition to some brilliant songstress skills.

Tei Shi – Bassically

Tei Shi – Bassically Lyrics:
Baby, I’ll behave
If you let me stay
Please don’t say
That I’m begging you for love
Baby, let me stay
When the world is gone
Promise I’ll behave
Never right you wrong
Is that what you want
Like the other boys?
Someone you can throw
Like the other toys?
Is that what you found
Like the other boys
Someone you can drown
Like the other noise?!
Baby, I’ll behave
If you let me stay.
Please don’t say
That I’m begging you for love.