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Allie X: Never Enough

Allie X: Never Enough

Alexandra Ashley Hughes, better known by her stage name Allie X, is a singer-songwriter emerging from Canada. The X in her name represents a variable in algebra which is unknown, which indubitably corresponds with the way she upholds herself. Allie is mysterious and discreet, yet intriguing and fascinating. She describes her age as “twentysomething,” tip-toeing […]

Allie X - Prime

Allie X – Prime

More CHVRCHES-esque goodness from rising star Allie X who has just dropped “Prime“, a catchy successor to her debut single “Catch“. It’s high time you met Allie X, the LA-via-Toronto songstress whose debut single “Catch” brings all the propulsion and promise of springtime in a single shot of sonically potent power-pop. From the knock and […]

Allie X – Catch

I thought it was kinda fitting to post two tracks titled Catch one after another, so now I’m gonna throw you this brand new one from Canadian Allie X. This one is an epic pop track that is dying to find its way into the busy arms of the remix community. Allie X – Catch […]