Still Changing – We Don’t Understand

Still Changing – We Don’t Understand

Still Changing are a band that brings you the very best from both worlds. A raw and melancholic rock mixed with the pure joy and catchiness of pop.

Still Changing

The Norwegian band of four is not afraid to explore unexpected territory or afraid to unleash their pop-filled guilty pleasures. Dance drums and bass, rock guitars and smooth synthesizers are just a few of the many ingredients in Still Changing’s distinctive sound. Playful, versatile and catchy pop/rock.

Yet, beneath the surface lies a melancholic tone with lyrics that contemplate the big and small questions of life. Having played most of Norway’s well known clubs and venues, Still Changing has become known for their energetic and entertaining live performances, spreading passion and the joy of music.

We all look to accomplish big things in our lives, but what are we really searching for? ‘We Don’t Understand’ is a song that reflects upon this. About daring to aim higher even though the odds are against you, dare to fail and not be held back by any reason, and to try understanding what it is you really want. There are so many possibilities in life, but you should not exclude the impossible.