Stéphan Rizon: Ouch

Stéphan Rizon is a French singer who in 2012 won the inaugural season of The Voice: la plus belle voix, the French version of the international The Voice reality television series. Stéphan Rizon went on to sign a record deal with Mercury Music Group / Universal Music and his debut album released in October 2012 is entitled From Mars with Love. Wikipedia®.

Stéphan Rizon: Ouch

Stéphan Rizon: Ouch Lyrics:
Ouch Ouch every door
Seeme to be closed another time on the floor
Help me cause on this floor
I got tu be cryin’ to be heard through that door

Tell me how tu be
Tired and lonely well I just wanna be free
Now now think of me
Cause I get closer to losing all of my dream

Oh oh every door
Got to be cryin’to be heard through that door
Why why have I lost all my pride
Feel deep inside it will be my last cry

Ouch ouch invicible
Despite of bein’ in front oh them all
Knees knees always on my knees
I am still wondering if I’m not dreaming
Once ashamed now it’s still the same
Why do I keep holding back memories
I just wish of a brand new me
And a brand new day and someone to be with

Hear my call my call my call
Hear my prayer my prayer my prayer

But see if i can’t stand up today
I’m keep it low ain’t nothing else tu say
But nobody came , nobody came

Is it life that’s diggin’on me
Cause wa can’t go pretending no more

Throught love would eventually cure me
I was wrong nobody tu heal me

See I was rich and now unhealthy
Nobody’s safe beware of yourselves

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