Steph Sexton – Feel You

Australian born and Los Angeles based Steph Sexton is not your typical artist emerging out of the music industry. Not only does this 25 year old sing, write, play guitar, and is a professionally trained dancer, she is, most importantly, a visionary. Steph Sexton is someone who uses her music as an artistic and powerful expression of her life and the times she lives in. Being heavily influenced by R&B and Pop culture, she uses conceptual, conversational story-telling style lyrics and blends them with catchy melodies to create a sound much needed in today’s music. Being born and raised in Australia, while having a European background, gave her the opportunity to see different cultures from a young age. Her parents are teachers and her mother previously taught in prisons while Steph was a young child. Her mother often helped prisoners who had served their prison sentence transition back into society and making life changes. Steph commends her mother for this and feels it taught her selfless love for those in need irrespective of their situations in life. This laid the foundation for Steph’s desire to heal and unite people of all color and walks of life through music and art. After years of training in music and dance, Steph was accepted into the prestigious Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (performing arts school of Hugh Jackman and other well-known artists) she had planned on completing a bachelor in arts management, until soon after entering the course, her life changed.

Steph Sexton – Feel You

On Jan 16th 2005, Steph and all of her siblings miraculously survived a car accident involving an assailant driving a stolen police car in her hometown in Australia. After flipping over three cars and landing almost eighty feet away, with her sister being eight months pregnant (she and the baby survived) along with everyone else, Steph felt this was a sign for her to pursue a dream she had envisioned since she was old enough to comprehend it. On july 1st, 2008, Steph Sexton left Australia and flew alone for 22 hours to Los Angeles, California with the intention of never coming back until she achieved her dreams. She spent three months living in a tourist hostel, and then many more months in uncomfortable living conditions until she finally could find her way around. Fast forward to five years, four U.S. immigration visas, a lot of hard work, sweat and tears later, Steph is ready to share her story with her first EP “Hope You Find Your Way”. Hope You Find Your Way was created with the help of the incredibly talented two time Grammy nominated producer, songwriter and artist Miguel ‘rico law’ Jiminez. This is a very personal piece that takes you on a journey through the trials and tribulations of a young woman finding her way and dealing with serious real life issues. Steph Sexton is ready to show the world who she is and what she stands for.

Steph Sexton – Feel You Lyrics:
Steph Sexton - Feel You

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