Soak – Blud

Born in Belfast but raised in Derry, Bridie Monds-Watson is an incredible young talent that is still only 17 years old. Going by the stage name of SOAK, the young artist is the first signing to CHVRCHES’ Goodbye Records, and CHVRCHES have now done a remix of her track ‘Blud’ which can be heard below. SOAK will be coming to England later this year when she will headline a show at St Pancras Old Church on April 10th, and she has already picked up extensive Radio 1 airplay for her ‘Blud‘ single, officially due for release via Goodbye Records on March 17th.

Soak – Blud

Soak – Blud Lyrics:
You’ve got a problem
I cannot face it
Hear the anger through the ceiling
I wish I missed it

Quit your employment
We can work without it
If it means you are not sure for it

You’re in my blood
I’m in your blood
You’re in my blood
Let’s just forget
Let’s just forget

Get up before they shoot you down
This is not worth the risk
The shouting, damped by the ceiling
And I am waiting for what this is

You’re in my blood. I’m in your blood.
You’re in my blood. Let’s just forget
Let’s just forget.

Soak - Blud

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