Silk Cinema – Hope

Silk Cinema – Hope. Silk Cinema is an artist you’ll start gravitating toward if you’re in the mood for ultra-smooth production work and vibes that could mellow out even the most high-strung individuals. The vocal work on the track compliments its sonic landscape quite nicely, but what’s really interesting about this one is the way Silk’s successfully blended very soulful vocals with a crisp and modern instrumental. It’s actually quite a rare combo right now, and the final product is both unique and a joy to soak up because of it. If you listen closely enough, you may even pick up on some jazz influences in the mix, too, and as far as were concerned, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that as long as it’s executed the right way (it is).

Silk Cinema - Hope

Incredible debut stuff here from Silk Cinema. There’s nothing in the way of information about her online but we know it’s her birthday today & Hilly Dilly did well to unearth this one earlier. It’s super edm pop with some super meaningful words

Silk Cinema – Hope

Silk Cinema – Hope Lyrics:

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